Intelligent Guidance by Machine One

Machine One combines decades of sports, sponsorship and marketing expertise with artificial intelligence solutions providing real time precision guidance for your most important decisions.


We provide state of the art scouting and talent evaluation tools in Global sports. Based on individual stats, skills, performance data, game philosophy as well as personality and communication patterns, Machine One provides a transparent market overview and client applications for player recruitment, profiling and evaluation.


Machine One’s Cockpit that provides an easy visualization and clear characterization of social media contents and users. This monitoring tool is designed for the segmentation of homogenous groups of your consumers and the detection of trends in such groups. Use our AI for real time content creation as part of your campaigns. Identify segments of origin, behavior, interests, influencing topics and people for your targeted activation.


Identifying the moment of relevance is key in customer retention programs. Our comprehensive data mining and training allows for accurate customer segmentation and real time targeted marketing measures when they are relevant. Our engines identify the behavioral patterns of your customers leading to an enhanced consumer journey and reduced churn rates.